JATAM (Mining Advocacy Network) is a network of non-governmental organizations (NGO) and community-based organizations (CBO) working on issues concerning human rights, gender, the environment, indigenous people and social justice in relation to the mining, oil, and gas industries.

Indonesia has not only endured the destructive practices of mining, oil and gas companies on their land and natural resources but it has also been a victim of a sad and disturbing list of human rights violations including such atrocities as forced evictions to loss of livelihoods to abuses against women and children.

JATAM ‘s philosophy of the fair treatment and involvement of all people with respect to basic human rights and environmental policies is the key motivator behind their activities. JATAM ‘s activities are conducted with the purpose of the establishment of rights for all Indonesians to live in a healthy, productive, happy and most of all sustainable environment.

JATAM ‘s goals are to support Indonesian communities, especially indigenous communities, against the dehumanization and environmental destruction caused by the invasion of the mining, oil and gas industries. The basic foundation of JATAM’s activities involves the advocacy for fair and wise management of Indonesia’s mineral and energy resources in order to meet the needs of the people while guaranteeing a sustainable resource for future generations.

JATAM is now working in many regions throughout Indonesia where mining and oil operations have been destroying surrounding areas.