A Report to the Public and A Warning to the Businesses and Authorities of Indonesian Mineral and Energy Mining

The massive global financial investment on the geothermal-mining industry in Indonesian archipelago spells bad news for the Indonesian people and is dangerous for current and future generations of islanders.

What is new and renewable regarding the electricity generated from geothermal mining is actually the escalation of disaster risks from all stages of its operation. Is there any good for human and nature if geothermal mining to generate electricity also generates new and ongoing sources of disaster? Geothermal mining is being exaggerated as a low-carbon mitigation which is considered as a solution to replace fossil fuels, the main source of global warming. But the low carbon emissions of the geothermal mining industry come at the expense of not only people, but also of forests, waterscapes and the complete ecological infrastructure of island life, all of which are far more harmful than the magnitude of its carbon emissions.

Human and nature’s security are completely ignored in the design and product of political provisions, legal instruments, and national standards that contain a classification of geothermal-mining investment prospects based solely on electricity production potential, without any criteria for human safety and landscape ecological integrity. Today, the investment regulatory framework and industrial operation control for geothermal mining industry investors, as well as financial investors, explicitly transfers all risks of mining/generation operations, from operating companies and investors as well as state offices, to residents in their common living space, which the state gave away as company concession asset.

Geothermal Report

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