This rapid assessment assesses that the military operation carried out in Papua is an illegal endeavor. The reason is that the deployment of military troops does not have a basis for instructions that must be issued by the president and approved by the DPR. In addition, it is not known exactly how many military members have been stationed in Papua. A reply from TNI Headquarters to KontraS stated that information regarding data on the deployment of members of the TNI/POLRI in Papua was excluded information. Meanwhile, POLRI Headquarters responded to KontraS’ letter by providing information on how many POLRI members were deployed in the Nemangkawi operation February 8 – August 31, 2021.

Using a political-economic perspective, this quick study examines the relationship between company concessions and the military in Papua. In the initial publication, this study took a case in Intan Jaya Regency. This district is one of the districts located in the Central Highlands of Papua. This district has experienced various violent military conflicts, ranging from those motivated by the search for the KKB, as well as the security of certain companies.

In the last two years, armed conflict between TNI/POLRI and TPNPB has resulted in at least 34 deaths and injuries. The escalation of this conflict also traumatized local residents, so they chose to leave and evacuate to locations that were considered safer. The deployment of the TNI/POLRI security forces in Intan Jaya, which should have brought them home, was the opposite and created fear for the people of Intan Jaya. This study, citing the statement of Melianus Duwitau, Coordinator of the Wabus Block Mining Rejection Team, suggests that this terror was deliberately created as an effort to expel so that the extractive company’s plan to occupy the area could run smoothly.

Political Economy of Military Deployment in Papua

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