Statements & Reports of Civil Society Organizations to the Indonesian People

(29 January 2021) After repeated occurrences without correction, victims fell again. On Monday, 25 January 2021, five citizens died, and at least dozens of other victims were still undergoing treatment in the hospital due to gas bursts from the borehole for the geothermal extraction project of PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP) in the village of Sibanggor Julu.,Puncak Sorik Marapi District, Mandailing Natal. Four of the five who died were women – two mothers in their 40s and daughters, ages 5 and 3, and one teenage farmer aged 15.

The facts show, there was no strict supervision, so that the industrial disaster occurred. However, field reports suggest that residents in the affected areas tried to notify the bursts of gas. The five who died and dozens of other human victims were a post-incident warning mechanism for PT SMGP. Work negligence and accidents? Yes, the root causes are much more profound and will still haunt the people in 64 geothermal extraction areas (WKP) for electricity generation in the Indonesian archipelago.

Then, what is the critical cause of the loss of citizen safety guarantees under geothermal extraction investment for electricity generation in Indonesia? Until when do we want to ignore the playful attitude of the state officials? Then, what are the urgent steps that the government must take?

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