Behind the sand mining activity by PT Boskalis International Indonesia which has destroyed traditional fish catch area of fisherfolks, as well as criminalized and did physical violation towards fisherfolks and activist whom against the sand mining activity, there were big interest from South Sulawesi Governor – Nurdin Abdullah and his collages.

Since 20 June 2020 up until now, PT Boskalis International Indonesia has been mining sea sand in the mining concession owned by PT Banteng Laut Indonesia. In addition, PT Boskalis Wessie has cooperated with PT Pembangunan Perumahan as the implementing contractor of the Makassar New Port (MNP). The MNP project is actually a part of national strategic project in which the owner of the project is actually Pelindo IV. Then, the sea sand resulted from PT Boskalis Wessie’s mining activity, becomes the material for MNP reclamation project.

After tracing some of documents from Directorate General AHU (General Legal Administration) of Ministry of Law and Human Rights and the company deeds listed in environmental impact assessment (AMDAL) document, it is found that from the total of 12 mining business licenses operating in Takalar waters, there are two licenses owned by PT Banteng Laut Indonesia and PT Nugraha Indonesia Timur. These two companies are listed to be owned by the colleges of South Sulawesi Governor. The owner as well as the shareholders of PT Banteng Laut Indonesia are Akbar Nugraha as President Director, Sunny Tanuwijaya as Commissioner, Abil Iksan as Director, and Yoga Gumelar as Wietdhianto. Besides Akbar Nugraha and Abil Iksan, Fahmi Islami is also listed as the shareholder in PT Banteng Laut Indonesia.

Meanwhile in PT Nugraha Indonesia Timur, Abil Iksan is listed as Director, together with Akbar Nugaraha as Deputy Director and Kendrik Wisan as the Commissioner. In addition, the listed names above, such as Akbar Nugraha, Abil Iksan, and Fahmi Islami, are known to be a part of the buzzer pair winner of Nurdin Abdullah – Andi Sudirman Sulaiman in the local election. The pair of Nurdin – Andi Sudirman was supported and promoted by PDI Perjuangan, PKS, and PAN in South Sulawesi Governor election last 2018.

Beside becoming the owner/shareholder in mining company, Akbar Nugraha – which is also known to be classmate with Nurdin Abudallah’s son – Fathul Fauzi Nurdin – in Binus University. He is also being appointed as the Head of Regional Tourism Promotion Agency (BPBD) by Nurdin Abdullah since 2018, not long after he is being chosen as the Governor of South Sulawesi. Meanwhile Fahmi Islami is listed as Governor Special Staff, Nurdin Abdullah. In addition, Fahmi Islami also becomes a part of Regional Acceleration Development Team (TP2D) of South Sulawesi Province.

The other names which also behind the mining company above are Sunny Tanuwidjaja and Kendik Wisan. Sunny Tanuwidjaja – which also known to be the former special staff in DKI Jakarta Provincial Government during Basuki Tjahaya Purnama (Ahok) Administrative, is listed to be the Commissioner of PT Banteng Lautan Indonesia and the Secretary of PSI (Indonesian Solidarity Party) Advisory Board. Sunny Tanuwidjaja has also been linked to bribery case of a member of DKI Jakarta’s Provincial House of Representative (DPRD) in the connection of reclamation project of G island in Jakarta Bay. Meanwhile Kendrik Wisan is also the biggest shareholder (owned 50%) in PT Nugraha Indonesia Timur. Kendrik Wisan is also known to be a businessman of PT Comextra Majora which engaged in exporting cocoa and cashews.

Political Bondage

The sand mining activity is suspected as the implication of political bond transaction between Nurdin Abdullah and the owner/shareholders of both companies mentioned above during 2018 South Sulawesi Governor election. The indication of political bond is reinforced with the relation of Governor Nurdin Abdullah’s son – Fathul Fauzi Nurdin – with Akbar Nugraha, as his classmate in Binus Univeristy as well as mining businessman. Fathul Fauzi is also not only close with numbers of owner/shareholders but also becoming the “linker/communicator” between his father as the Governor and Akbar Nurgraha. This suspicion further strengthened with the fact that Nurdin Abdullah’s youngest son – Fathul Fauzi – is listed as the legislative candidate for DPRD of South Sulawesi supported by Indonesia Solidarity Party (PSI) last 2019, through electoral district 4 of South Sulawesi which included Bantaeng, Jeneponto, and Selayar islands. The youngest son of Governor Nurdin Abdullah is also listed as the Head of PSI Election Winning Board (Bappilu) in last election of 2019.

After failing becoming the member of provincial legislative, Fathul Fauzi was appointed to be the Head of Banteng Muda Indonesia (BMI) – one of the wing organization of PDI Perjuangan, on 12 March 2020. In addition, Fathul Fauzi Nurdin is also known to be the General Exchequer of KNPI South Sulawesi period 2019- 2022. Therefore, the existences of mining companies in Takalar waters, as well as sand mining activity which keeps happening amid the resistance of thousands fisherfolks, are expected to have the interest of South Sulawesi Governor, Nurdin Abdullah, and other owner/shareholders of PT Banteng Laut Indonesia and PT Nugraha Indonesia Timur.

The power and influence of South Sulawesi Governor, Nurdin Abdullah, are not being used to protect and ensure the safety of thousands fisherfolks in the operation area of sand mining. The power and influence he has is suspected to ensure the comfort and business expansion of those mining businessmen whom close enough to the Governor.


In order to prevent further destruction of traditional fish catching area of fisherfolks, as well as ensure the safety of thousands fisherfolks in Takalar waters, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries have to stop the mining activity conducted by all the mining company in Takalar, as well as suspend all (12) mining business permits in Takalar Waters. Stopping the mining activity and suspending – as well as revoke – all the mining permits, are actually inline with the mandate of Law No. 27/2007 conjunction with Law No. 1/2014 about Management of Coastal Area and Small Islands, which the use of those areas is not for mining.

At the same time, the Supervisory of Business Competition Commission (KPPU) has to carry out further investigate as a follow up of first findings above. Particularly on the allegations of business monopoly practice in which Abil Iksan served as the Director of two different company for the same business entity in the same time. It is expected of violating Article 26 of Law No. 5/1999 about Prohibition of Monopoly Practice and Unfair Business Competition. Furthermore, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) also has to carry out audit investigation and law enforcement on corruption allegations which involved South Sulawesi Governor, Nurdin Abdullah, and other owner/shareholders of PT Banteng Laut Indonesia, PT Nugraha Indonesia Timur and PT Boskalis International Indonesia. **


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